These are videos of my high-power engineering hobby. You must view this site in Firefox or Chrome. Due to a dispute currently taking place between various powers in the technology industry, Microsoft and Apple refuse to support any codec other than h264, which everyone else either refuses to support or is unable to support due to patent issues.

The Explodium, a high voltage capacitor bank :
Mark I - VI - What do you do with a 2KV transformer?
Mark VII
Mark IX - Pneumatics out, spark gap in.
Mark X, testing the trigatron.
Disc launcing:
Second session, with improved coil

MHD experiments:
Initial experiment, 2KV AC arc under influence of a magnetic field.
Bottle rockets:

The classic bottle rocket is pressurised by a foot pump, until pressure is reached sufficient to pop the cork and send it flying. Naturally, we took it up a level.

Initial tests