Disc launcher

Another use for the explodium

The 4KV cap bank was designed for exploding fruit and such objects, but with a little modification makes a very impressive disc launcher as well. Testing did not go entirely smoothly - cables came loose, and in the exceptionally hot weather the hot-glue holding the trigatron in place softened and caused the spark gap distance to change. These difficulties aside, it still worked.

We initially didn't have a disc, so an oven-tin was used. Less-than-ideally conductive and of rather high mass, so the launch wasn't spectacular - but it did launch.

An inconveniently timed onset of the Dread Lurgi was responsible for the sniffling that can be heard throughout this video.

Only two of the team were present on this occasion. One indoors operating the controls, one outside wearing a hard-hat to film the tests.

A disc launch, 240fps - and it's still over in five frames.