Genus Loci

The aim of this game is to score points by correctly classifying animals into progressively more precise taxa.

1. This game includes only the extent animalia. That means no plants, no unicellular organisms, no fungi, and nothing extinct.
2. Where possible, polyphyletic classifications will be avoided. This game favors a cladistic approach.
3. A point is counted for every correctly made classification choice. Some questions have only one answer: These are important evolutionary branches where only one descendant group has survived. No point will be given for choosing the correct option from a list of one.
4. There are a fixed number of species/rounds, which will be presented in a random order.
5. Each round continues until a misclassification is made or the species is identified.
6. An extra point is awarded if you get the pun in the title.

This game is not made to be easy. A little knowledge of latin and greek vocabulary will be a big help.