Unreal Tournament 2004 mods:

The Phoenix vehicle. A 'strategic raptor,' effective in area denial. Its fragile armor ensures it won't last long in direct combat, but it carries a flamethrower that can set vast stretches of the level ablaze - effectively denying access to the enemy, and making it a powerful defensive unit in team games - it's a glass cannon, a tool of tactics and subterfuge. You shouldn't use this on levels with more than two raptor spawns per team, or it gets too silly. Also includes a portable weapon version that doubles as a fire extinguisher.

GSSAL - the Gun That Shoots Shurikens and Lightning. This semi-joking weapon was designed for use in Invasion gamemode - if used in deathmatch its high damage output reduces most confrontations to a twitch contest. It looks spectacular to fire, and even more when it hits. Very short range, very high damage. Features a 'cooperative charge' system that encourages players to work together - only when in proximity to another player will the ammunition regenerate. Also includes the 'chain lightning' rifle, another overpowered invasion weapon, and the 'Thunderbird' raptor mod - another glass cannon.

Petrifier weapons. A modified sniper rifle that turns the corpses of it's victims to stone, leaving them to decorate the battlefield. Aside from the purely taunting value, these can serve as warning beacons of an area under sniper cover. Another weapon allows for petrifier grenades to be thrown around corners.

Nitrocars, a mutator that allows the engines of the Hellbender and Scorpion to be massively boosted - granting the cars great speed, at the expense of control. Cars will explode violently if destroyed while in nitro mode, making them powerful kamikaze weapons for attacking power nodes. Includes a level purpose-made for the vehicles, or can be applied as a mutator.

Shield launchers, seeking rockets that do no damage but protect the point of impact inside an impenitrable short-lived bubble. A versatile tool good for sealing doors, protecting flags or delaying the enemy flag carrier long enough for your defenders to catch up. Also adds the 'mobile shieldgens,' goliath tanks that can project a durable bubble shield for withstanding incoming fire or sheltering teammates on the dangerous journey into enemy territory.

RealExplosion Volumetric explosion weapons. In the interests of performance, games like u2k4 use a very simple model of splash damage: When the rocket hits, all objects in line-of-sight and less than a specific radius take damage inversely proportional to the square of their distance. Though good-enough for games, this is a very unrealistic model - a skilled player could shelter from a nuclear bomb by hiding behind a twig, so long as it blocks the line-of-sight check, and there is no simulation of the differing propagation of blasts in open air verses an enclosed room. These volumetric explosion weapons use a more processor-intensive but still quick-enough simulation - still not physically accurate, but reflecting the characteristics of the 'hollywood explosion' fireball. The explosion will travel further down narrow corridoors than in open spaces, and can turn corners as it does so. In simple terms, it uses a flood-fill expanding in all directions until a set volume is occupied, then creates many conventional game explosions within that volume. This makes it an effective way to clear rooms before entering. Two weapons are included using the model: A grenade launcher based on the standard Enforcer, and a modified redeemer that can be dropped and set off on a timer with enough radius to kill everything within an entire (Deck17-sized) small level.

Defence gun: Drops crystals that shoot incoming projetiles. Good for defending sniper positions.

Knee Deep in the Dead, a mutator that jams a spanner in the works of the game's gib-cleanup code - the piles of gore and blood-splattered walls tell of past battles. Can put a lot of strain on the game though, tracking so many objects. Not compatible with GSSAL, for reasons that will become evident should you try it. KDITD is included within the Petrifier Weapons package.

Series of Tubes, a dynamic-level-modifying weapon that creates tubes to provide cover, conceal movements or provide access to otherwise difficult areas. The tubes can be destroyed by conventional weapons. A CTF game with this mutator turns into a fun tactical game of three-dimensional construction and destruction as players strive to rework the maze of tubes into a form that benefits them, while simutainously obstructing or destroying tubes of the opposing team.

UT2K4 other:

DM-Skymatch. A small, foggy level with a focus on environmental awareness more than straight-up fighting. Key to victory is not to shoot straight, but to track where all other players were and where they may be.
ONS-Shallowdish. A fairly generic onslaught level.
A bunch of models, leftovers from when I used to play this game many years ago. Mostly anthropmorphic characters, some made by my friends and I, others the now survive elsewhere only as dead links on skincity.

Unreal Tournament (Original) levels

I made these many years ago, when the game was new. Despite my lack of skills at the time, some of them still came out fun to play. This pack includes the best I produced:
- CTF-Towers, a fairly basic CTF level with a major flaw: Too many powerups in one one place. He who gets them all becomes near-invincible.
- UTAllSorts, a utility package that adds a number of useful objects for level designers to construct automated defences, fireworks displays or traps without needing to know UnrealScript themselves. Includes demonstration level.
- DM-ASFractalR, a modified version of the 'Fractal Reactor' level that uses UTAllSorts to correctly score kills via the 'trap' in the center, rather than registering them as suicides.
- CTF-Neutronium, gravity-defying CTF level with each base one side of a disc, and gravity always towards the plane.
- DM-Hypercube, a DM level set on the three-dimensional faces of a tesseract.
- DM-RicPlatforms, inspired by a similar Half Life mod. A very fast-based DM level.
- DM-RoomUT: A 'one room, tiny players' level in the spirit of the classic TurkeyBurgers for Half Life.
- CTF-Descending, CTF-Defenders. Abandoned, terrible levels. Perhaps you'd like to finish them. But probably best forgotten.
- CTF-Pilots, CTF-Strangelove: Strangelove requires the mutator of the same name. Your fairly common 'flight sim' theme level. Pilots uses the 'quantum fighter jet,' the code for which is incorporated into the .unr file.
- PlainCols, ultra-simple texture pack used for trim.
- SenRev2, UTLego, NBSpecials: It's been a decade since I made these levels. I have completly forgotten exactly what these do, but they are required for some of the above levels to function, so here they are.
I'm just going to offer these all up as one bundle, as I don't know which supporting files go with which levels. Simply getting UT99 to run on a modern computer can be a challenge.