Pictoral scheduler

The pictoral scheduler is just a program created to solve a common task at work: Drawing up graphical student timetables. These are used for students who have difficulty following a conventional written timetable. I saw a teacher producing one of these in Microsoft Word, but this program is not intended for such a purpose and using it in that way was clearly cumbersome.

So I made a utility to draw them up more easily, demonstrated here. It's all made in HTML and javascript - there's nothing server-side involved, you can open this as a local HTML file. The demonstration version uses placeholder images in place of teachers, but can be easily modified and customised for any school by altering the HTML: The list of teacher and subject names is easily editable, and the number of lessons can be altered by just duplicating or removing a section of HTML. Just edit these and add photos. Precise instructions are included within the file itsself.

Usage is very simple: Select a lesson and room, or a teacher, and click in whichever square you want to place it in. The student name can be edited too. The timetable can be 'saved' to a quite densely-encoded string of text suitable for emailing or pasting into a document, and this text loaded again by just pasting into the appropriate location.