This is a SMART Notebook conversion utility. Upload a SMART Notebook file, and get back all the images from it in zip format.

Smartconv was originally intended as a standalone executable without external dependencies, and as such was written in C. However, it proved to be less portable than I hoped - it depends not only upon libzip, libxml2 and MagickWand, but upon a specific SVG rendering delegate within ImageMagic as only the Inkscape delegate is capable of properly processing SVG files with PNG references. I have not been successful in porting it to Windows. Even on linux, compilation is no guarantee of success due to the delegate dependence problem. It appears to work on Debian derivatives, but with the 'wrong' version of ImageMagick it will compile only to produce invalid output with blank pages.

If you have only a few files to convert then, for reasons of convenience, I have set up this webserver to offer conversion as a public service. Simply upload a .notebook file below and you will receive back a .zip file containing the slides as .png images.