Mini-nzbget is a utility to get hard-to-retrieve files from Usenet binaries. It is not a full-fledged newsreader - it simply takes a NZB as input, fetches the posts specified within and writes the contents to disk. It has the occasionally useful ability to stitch together a file using posts from an arbitary number of servers. A segment from here, a segment from there, until enough are located to reassemble. There are full-fledged newsreaders capable of similar function, but not without a great deal more configuration and much difficulty. Mini-nzbet is a strictly minimalist program. It does but one task, and does it well.

The mini-NZBGet that I made has no connection to the better-known nzbget to be found on sourgeforge. We had the same idea, and picked the same obvious name. I was not aware of the other when I started using the name. Both programs are NZB downloaders, but the one on sourgeforge aims to be much more comprehensive (Including support for a web interface, scheduling and such features) while mine is a bare-minimum script intended for the very specific task of helping to retrieve hard-to-get files by combining the fragments available from different servers.

Retrieval of files is a two-part process.
1. Get the segments into a cache. This may be repeated as many times as needed, specifying different servers. Segments already retrieved will not be redownloaded. Typically this could be used to first fetch as much as possible from a high-speed but low-retention ISP server, followed by lower-speed or quota-limited servers with higher retention.
2. Reassemble the available segments into a .ntx file, which may then be processed with yydecode to recover the individual files.

Note that mini-nzbget is not the fastest of downloaders - it won't issue a request for a segment until the previous completes, which can cause download rates to drop significently under conditions of more than the slightest latency. It is made for getting a download completed through the adversity of unreliable connections or poor retention.

Mini-nzbget is pair of perl scripts for linux. I've used it myself many times, and do make it available, but I don't know how well it would run under windows if at all.