An extract from Electric Tram Rides from Forster Square, followed by the same video after applying MEDejitter.

A very common problem with video shot on film is spartial jitter - a movement of the image between frames caused by imperfections in the mechanisms of camera or telecine, vibrations or warping of the film over time. MEDejitter program uses a very simple algorithm: Average all frames in a scene to create a reference, then find the offset for each frame which minimises the error when subtracted from that reference. Repeat until convergence. It only works on scenes with a stationary camera and composed mostly of static background, but so long as these constraints are followed it can be very effective. Its time-reverseable nature gives some advantage over other filters on the first few frames of a scene. It is exceptionally good on title and intertitle cards.

MEDejitter was developed for use on early animation, where the requirement of a stationary background was not a severe limitation.