Some documents

Bits and pieces:

Gaming resources, for Unreal Tournament and it's successor UT2K4
Public domain music, all copyright-expired under UK law.
Test card images.
Old video restorations

Algorithms and software:

Recursive Voronoi drawing, simpler than Fortune's algorithm.
dupdelete, a generally useful file hashing and deduplication utility.
ASFView, analyser for ASF/WMA/WMV files.
File-summary and transformation toolkit, utilities for teaching and studying compression.
Risahash, perceptual audio hash function.
MEDejitter, a very crude image stabiliser.
Vectorscope utility for audio.
Voronoi approximation for image disocclusion.
x264 encode testing script, vary parameters and graph results.
Zipfilerecover, zip and office document recovery utility.
Pixeltweek, image impulse noise removal filter.
Parscavenger .par2 file recovery utility.
BLDD compression utility.
Password manager, hardware password management solution.
Packet radio.
Bird modem, a utility for transmitting data over an audio channel in a manner twice as fast and more reliably than that used by minimodem.
Windows 10 optimiser script, a script which kills off much of the Windows 10 spyware and telemetry systems and some of the general bloat. Not only a privacy tool - Windows 10 runs significently faster without all that!
Minuimus, the file shrinker: Automates the use of a number of file optimisation tools. Just point it to your data, and watch it losslessly get smaller.
.epub utilities, including a compression script which will automatically use advpng and advzip to reduce the size of epub files.
The PDF Zopfli compresser previously on this page has now become part of the Minuimus utility.
Hashtar and zip_sha256, utilities for hashing the contents of tar or zip files, and for generating ZIP file fingerprints for duplicate-finding.

Tiny 'web apps':

VoroWar game
Cardadd, a utility to add up many single-digit numbers very quickly. Useful when playing Munchkin or Braggart.
Genus Loci, an educational game.
Iconifex, a program for (mostly) automatically performing rotate-shift-scale operations on photos to create consistently-positioned ID face pictures.

Fun playing with high voltage:

Disc launching
The Electrocannon, a unique (To my knowledge) means of launching a projectile.
The Explodium, a supply of considerable power.
Arc in a field, demonstrating the arc-surpressing effect of a strong magnetic field.

Project writeups:

Wind turbine v2.
Battery discharge protection circuit.
Arduino PWM solar charge controller MkI, a crude charge controller.
Arduino PWM solar charge controller MkII, a complete redesign that is far superior in every way.
Open design for an MPPT solar power optimiser.
Ideal diode design notes.
Common-positive ideal diode circuit, the near-perfection of the above.
Auto-off timer.
Alternator voltage regulator.
Ultra-low-voltage linear power supply and component tester.
Observations on stripboard corrosion protection.
The Slender Flower, lightweight 2m/70cm dual-band antenna.

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